Procedure Number: CP82-01
Title: College Pool Vehicle Procedures
Date Approved: 7/1/98
Updated & Approved: 5/10/2011
Related Policy 3354:2-20-77



  1. A person requesting usage of the college pool vehicle must contact the Campus Police Department for reservations. Reservations for the pool vehicle are on a first-come, first-served basis. The Police Department will fill out a pool car envelope upon receipt of the request.
  2. On the designated date, the authorized user should appear at the Police dispatch center. A trip folder will be provided to the user containing the pool car keys, travel forms, credit card, auto accident forms, and insurance information.
    1. The pool car may be picked up as early as 5:00 p.m. on the day prior to the trip (if available).
    2. For trips that occur over the weekend or early Monday morning, users may pick up the pool car as early as 5:00 p.m. on Friday afternoon (if possible).
    3. Upon completion of the trip, the authorized user is responsible for returning the vehicle to its designated parking spot and returning the keys and the trip folder to the dispatch desk.
  3. Vehicle damage and/or defects should be reported by the authorized user in writing on the form provided so immediate action can be taken.
  4. Vehicle cleanliness and routine maintenance shall be the responsibility of the Facilities Management Department.
  5. The using department will be "charged back" for pool car mileage at the rate established by the Business Office, in lieu of reimbursement to the employee. Billings will be handled by the college's Business Office.
  6. For trips over 100 miles (round trip), if the pool car is available and not used for a trip on a particular day, there will be no mileage reimbursement for the employee who uses his/her personal car or rental vehicle.
  7. The Campus Police Department will forward the completed envelopes to Business Services.
  8. No smoking is permitted in any college vehicle.
  9. The pool vehicle should be kept locked if left unattended and should be parked in the designated "pool car" parking space at the end of each trip.
  10. The pool car and car phone should only be used for college related business. Users are responsible for personal miles associated with an official trip at the current reimbursement rate.
  11. In the event of a breakdown, contact the College Police Department immediately for instructions (440-525-7241).
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