Procedure Number: CP80-04
Title: Special Event Safety and Security
Date Approved:
Updated & Approved: 5/11/2011
Related Policy 3354:2-20-77



  1. The Chief of Police, under the supervision of the appropriate Vice President, is responsible for coordinating the safety and security of special events held within the Lakeland Community College police district. Sponsoring organizations and/or budgetary cost centers will be responsible and accountable for the expenses associated with the safety and security requirements of special events held on campus.
    1. Campus cost centers and/or organizations will be charged back the associated expenses within thirty days by the Accounting Department on invoice from the campus Police Department.
    2. Other organizations or individuals will be billed by the college within thirty days of the event.
    3. In any case, payment of the unbudgeted costs must be tendered within sixty days of the event.
    4. The Chief of Police shall determine an actual chargeback and billing rate annually.
  2. Persons, firms, and corporations that sponsor special events shall be responsible for complying with any and all applicable procedures, laws, ordinances, and regulations of Lakeland Community College, the State of Ohio and the federal government.
  3. The Chief of Police, under the supervision of the appropriate Vice President, will review planned events prior to scheduling and determine whether or not special safety and security requirements will be necessary.
    1. The sponsoring organization or cost center will be responsible for meeting the safety and security requirements set forth by the Chief upon his review.
    2. No permit shall be issued by the college for any special event unless the specified security and safety requirements are met.
    3. The Chief of Police may close down any special event that does not meet the special requirements established in Section (C) above.
  4. Special safety and security requirements will be automatically necessary in the following cases:
    1. Any event held on campus where beer and/or intoxicating liquor is offered for sale, sold, or given away to students or the general public;
    2. Any event involving an admission charge;
    3. Any event posing a substantial risk of physical harm to persons;
    4. Any event posing a risk of physical harm to property;
    5. Any event involving two hundred or more persons;
    6. Any event wherein special security and/or safety requirements are required by law, local ordinance, or the college administration;
    7. Any college fundraising event.
  5. The attached form can be used to determine safety and security costs associated with any special event or request for police service.
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