Procedure Number: CP80-01
Title: Emergency Class Cancellations and College-Closing
Date Approved: 11/1/94
Updated & Approved: 1996
Related Policy 3354:2-08-01



  1. Decisions to close will be made by 5 a.m. for the period 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. The situation will be monitored and a decision made by 1 p.m. for the period of 3 p.m. through the last evening class.
  2. The main campus and/or Lakeland East shall be considered closed for a given period of time when all classes and business are canceled at the site(s) identified for that period of time. Employees shall not be required to report for work during periods when the college is officially closed.*
  3. Communication process
    1. The decision, made by the College President, to close either college site will be communicated by the Chief of Police to the Public Relations Manager or designated alternate (e.g., the Publications Specialist), who will inform:
      1. Associated Press for transmittal to all radio and television stations which subscribe to the AP service.
      2. United Press International for transmittal to all radio and television stations which subscribe to the UPI service.
      3. Radio stations WWWE, WLTF, WKKY which are called directly.
      4. Vice President for College Relations.
      5. Lakeland Cable Network personnel.
    2. The Chief of Police will also inform:
      1. The Vice Presidents of Academic Affairs, Student Development, and Administrative Services.**
      2. The Director of Physical Plant.
      3. The Director of Computer & Communication Services.
      4. The Lakeland Cable TV manager.
      5. The Director of Lakeland East.
    3. The campus Police Department will:
      1. Modify the main switchboard settings to the "Emergency Closing" configuration so that callers will be aware of the dates and times regarding the closing decision.
      2. Attempt to arrange operator coverage of the main switchboard as soon as possible.
      3. Temporarily answer all incoming telephone calls until an operator reports for duty.
      4. Monitor the Lakeland Cable Network broadcasts to ensure that appropriate messages are being sent over the airways.
      5. Place "College Temporarily Closed" signs at the two entranceways of the college.
  4. Activities and Organizations
    1. If and when the decision to close the college is made, all college activities and classes, at the site(s) identified, including contractual special events, will cease for the duration of the emergency.

*Under some conditions, certain personnel may be required to report as determined by the President.

**Vice Presidents shall maintain a telephone network to advise administrators under their supervision of college closure.

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