Procedure Number: IS59-02
Title: Services For Students With Disabilities
Date Approved: 1/28/97
Updated & Approved: 10/10/05
Related Policy 3354:2-59-02



  1. The Counselor for Students with Disabilities coordinates reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities in compliance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans With Disabilities Act and performs the following duties:
    1. Functions as the coordinator and facilitator of student reasonable accommodations.
      1. Compiles and maintains required documentation of disabilities.
      2. Helps students identify and obtain appropriate reasonable accommodations.
      3. Provides notification to instructors regarding identified reasonable accommodations.
      4. Recommends for purchase and monitors the use of equipment necessary to reasonably accommodate certain disabilities (i.e., computer software and hardware, assistive listening devices, tape recorders).
    2. Functions as a resource/consultant to faculty, staff and student groups to ensure physical and programmatic accessibility; to provide education regarding disability and higher education; and to recommend programs that promote understanding and acceptance of students with disabilities.
    3. Develops and implements externally funded programs in cooperation with the Learning Center and other departments as appropriate to expand educational options for students with disabilities.
    4. Performs any other duties or assignments as coordinated by the Director of the Associate Provost for Student and Learning Support Services.
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