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The mission of the biology department at Lakeland is to expand the knowledge of the biological sciences through engaging lecture and laboratory study and exploration. We strive to not only prepare our diverse student population for their career choices but also help them make informed decisions as common citizens. Our students will come to appreciate the varied methods of inquiry used to understand biological systems and expand their perspectives on biological issues through critical thinking. Upon successful completion of coursework in our department student will not only be intellectually enriched in the discipline but also come to appreciate how this insight can serve as a foundation for a more comprehensive and informed worldview.

Upon successful completion of coursework, students will:
  1. Explain the biology of the cell:
    1. Compare and contrast prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells.
    2. Identify organelles and their functional significance.
    3. Describe membrane structure and functions.
    4. Describe how ATP is produced.
    5. Describe the eukaryotic cell cycle.
    6. Describe the sequential process of eukaryotic cell division.
    7. Explain the steps of transcription and translation.
    8. Describe protein structure and function.

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