Curriculum Information

Lakeland Community College offers biology courses for students interested in a biology or health technologies related career; intending to transfer; and looking for general science courses. Students interested in a degree related to biology should complete Lakeland's Associate of Science degree or specifically the Biology Associate of Science Pathway.

Courses for Non Majors

The following courses are perfect for students who are interested in biology but not majoring in biology or health technologies careers. See the current BIOL Course Schedule for more information.

  • BIOL 1010 Introductory Biology I: Cells, Genetics and Evolution
  • BIOL 1020 Introductory Biology II: Organismic Biology & Ecology
  • BIOL 1030 Environmental Issues
  • BIOL 1140 Human Biology
  • BIOL 1150 Plant Biology
  • BIOL 1160 Animal Biology
  • BIOL 1170 Ecology and Environmental Biology
  • BIOL 1190 Introduction to Evolutionary Biology

cellular structure

Courses for Biology Majors

The following courses should be taken by all students who would like to major in a biology related field. See the current BIOL Course Schedule for more information.

  • BIOL 1510 Principles of Biology I
  • BIOL 1520 Principles of Biology II


Courses for Health Technologies Majors

Depending on your major, the following courses are commonly required for careers in health technology. See the current BIOL Course Schedule for more information.

  • BIOL 1200 Fundamentals of Biology for the Health Technologies
  • BIOL 2210 Anatomy and Physiology I
  • BIOL 2220 Anatomy and Physiology II
  • BIOL 2700 Microbiology

organ systems

Transfer Opportunities

Students interested in pursuing a four-year degree in biology or a health technologies field should consult with a Lakeland counselor and the Transfer Center as soon as possible to maximize course transferability. In addition to many seamless transfer partners through the Ohio Transfer Module, the following related options are currently available to Lakeland students:

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