Our alumni and students have great success in securing employment after graduation from Lakeland and securing internships while students in our program.

Alumni Spotlight

Debra Berkebile ‘12

Deb graduated from our program with a Geospatial Technology Certificate in 2012 and is currently employed as a Design Engineer at HDT Engineered Technologies.  Deb has taken her quilt-making talent and merged it with remote sensing to create several fabric masterpieces, some of which are shown below.

quilt of painted desert
The Painted Desert

"I discovered these amazing satellite images while in a Remote Sensing class I took as I was pursing my degree in GIS (Geographical Information Systems). The vivid colors and their outstanding variations are what first drew me to these representations.

"The use of aerial sensor technologies is a highly effective, and inadvertently beautiful, way to detect and classify the surface of the Earth (on land and oceans) by means of electromagnetic radiation. During active remote sensing, signals are emitted either from an aircraft or satellite and then recorded to capture amazing images of our stunning landscapes, such as the one crafted in this quilt.

quilt of the great lakes
The Great Lakes

"The Great Lakes Quilt was delivered to Lakeland Community College where it will reside its remaining days and the rest of its life!! This big ole quilt had a good run on the juried circuit. From my first solo show at the Ashtabula Arts Center to the Beachwood Community Center. It recently exhibited at the NPAA Seventh Biennial Exhibition, Erie Art Museum Custom House. All in all, this was a fun quilt to make... and one of the biggest I have also made."

quilt of the grand canyon quilt of the grand canyon quilt of the grand canyon
The Grand Canyon

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