Curriculum & Transfer

  • The Associate of Applied Science degree in Geospatial Technology is comprised of 62 credit hours over the course of four semesters. In addition, the program prepares student for industry standard software certification testing. Students will have an opportunity to take part in the annual GIS convention as well as access to prospective internships in this growth market. Ideal for many types of students, including:
    • Students interested in geography, but unsure of practical applications
    • Veterans who may already have training that can be applied to this degree
    • Professionals who are looking for a professional certificate to enhance their careers.

  • The Geospatial Technology Certificate is made up of 20 credit hours in Geospatial core courses. The certificate is ideal for someone who already holds an associate or bachelor's degree and is looking for career skills.
  • The Geospatial Technology Skills Certificate is made up of 12 credit hours in Geospatial core courses and is designed to be earned in conjunction with, or after completion of a two-year degree in a related field.
  • The sUAS Applications in Geospatial Technology Certificate is made up of 17 credit hours in Geospatial core courses and is designed for someone wanting to earn technical skills that can be used in conjunction with their existing career or program.
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