Employment Outlook

The career outlook in fire science is excellent. The Ohio Bureau of Employment Services projects a 10 percent annual growth in employment of firefighters in Ohio. Locally, departments expanded and hired many new firefighters in the late 1960s and early 1970s. These firefighters will be retiring over the next few years, thus creating many new openings.

According to a 1997 Northeast Ohio Firefighter's Survey entry compensation packages of firefighters in Northeast Ohio average $33,200 and can climb to $41.600. Salaries are usually higher in larger communities and lower in smaller communities. Once you are promoted to an officer's position you can earn substantially more. Fire science technology alumni not only work for municipal fire departments but also for airports, private industrial fire protection, insurance companies and as consultants.

The fire science degree can also be used as a stepping stone for future advancement in other degree programs. Your fire science degree can be transferred to other colleges leading to degrees such as bachelor of Science in Fire Administration, Public Administration or Criminal Justice, or a Master of Public Administration degree. These degrees could qualify one for a position as safety director, city manager or other government administrative positions.


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