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Lakeland is dedicated to helping students become successful, not only in achieving their educational goals, but also in maintaining their own well-being.

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New Course: Skills for Self-Care and Resilience – COUN 1050 (1 credit hour)

This course offers students the opportunity to learn about and try out a variety of activities and practices that promote self-care and resilience. We will explore ways of managing stress, persevering when faced with adversity, and maintaining balance. With the understanding that different strategies work for different people, students will develop a personalized set of skills for lifelong mental wellness.

Questions? Contact Ken Browner at 440.525.7205 or


Below is a listing of courses offered at the college to enhance physical, emotional, financial, career, relationship and mental wellness.

Note: As always, students should consult with a counselor and/or financial aid officer to select electives that will support their personal and educational objectives or meet financial aid requirements.

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Lakeland is in the process of developing two indoor and two outdoor relaxation zones where students can unwind, de-stress, engage in arts and crafts activities, meditate, and explore wellness apps. The indoor relaxation zones will be located in the Lakeland Library (anytime it is open) and Counseling and Advising Center (during limited hours). Outdoor relaxation zones will be located near the Mindladders sculpture outside Breakers and in the main campus courtyard under the trees. Check them out during fall semester!  

Other existing wellness zones at Lakeland include the Athletic and Fitness Center, Lakeland Cares Cupboard, HIVE, greenhouse, rooftop garden, and Mooreland gardens, to name a few. Take some time to explore Lakeland's wellness offerings.

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