Outcomes & Performance

Program Goals

The Lakeland Human Services Program is designed to prepare students for entry-level paraprofessional and technical positions in a wide variety of human service agencies serving a diverse range of clients as well as provide a firm basis for the continued professional growth of individuals already in such positions.

Program Objectives
  1. Develop competencies that assist them in performing productively in human services agencies;
  2. Acquire knowledge that increase their ability to work effectively in human service agencies;
  3. Explore the dimensions and importance of professionalism at all levels of human service organizations;
  4. Enhance professional and personal dedication to excellence and service;
  5. Foster commitment to the field of human services based on the belief that all humans are capable of growth and have a fundamental right to dignity, respect and self-determination;
  6. Cultivate appreciation for the value of cooperative efforts and increase abilities to work on a team to serve individual and community needs;
  7. Understand the importance of continuing education to professional growth and career success;
  8. Expand general knowledge and skills in ways that enrich personal and professional lives.
Staging Enabled