Curriculum & Transfer


Lakeland's Human Service Program is based on a generalist approach as outlined in the "Community Support Skills Standards" developed by a coalition of organizations central to the human service field to meet the changing needs of the profession. Courses focus on learning and demonstrating the core body of professional knowledge, values, attitudes, and skills appropriate for an entry-level position in a wide range of settings. In addition, the program offers opportunities for focused study in the areas or developmental disabilities/mental retardation and activity professions.


In recognition of the increasing need for human service professionals to be certified and/or licensed, Lakeland's Human Service Program covers topics suggested in State of Ohio application requirements for Social Work Assistant, Chemical Dependency Assistant, and as registration standards for County Boards of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities. Information related to these State certifications can be found at the professional links listed below.

Opportunities for Continued Education

Lakeland's Holden University Center offers a bachelor's and masters degrees from Ursuline College and Youngstown State University.

Staging Enabled