Workplace Technology/Computer Training

Technically trained employees are more likely to have the confidence and skills necessary to perform their work at a high level, improving employee morale and efficiency. Companies that offer technical training gain from reduced operating costs and a better reputation for quality.

Microsoft Office Suite
Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint and Outlook

Adobe Acrobat Professional
Learn to create, edit and review PDF files with the professional version upgrade

Other Software Programs
Project Management (Microsoft) Crystal Reports, Visio, Mini-Tab

Custom Computer Training
Our trainer, your workplace application ( i.e. databases, Excel pivot tables)

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Soft Skills Development & Leadership Training

People skills are more critical than ever as organizations struggle to find meaningful ways to remain competitive and be productive. Teamwork, leadership, and communication are underpinned by soft skills development. Since each is an essential element for organizational and personal success, developing these skills is very important and does matter.

Excellence in Customer Service
Gain and sustain the competitive edge with genuine ongoing communication

Employee Engagement
How to get others off their island and on the team

Fish Philosophy to energize your team, deliver remarkable customer service and increase employee retention

Team Building
Know how to build a team; learn and focus on what inspires and motivates others

Supervising for Success
Improving communication, team-building, conflict-handling and listening skills

Leadership Development
Learn skills in leading and developing others using their strengths

Leadership Coaching
Learn how to improve your personal effectiveness to coach others to maximize performance

Emotional Intelligence
Appropriately and effectively apply emotions and actions in a given situation

Establishing and Leading Virtual Teams
Collaboration and communication coaching for those not physically present

Effective Problem Solving
Critical thinking and decision-making tools to best solve/eliminate problems

Ethics in the Workplace
Allowing good people to do the right thing and succeed in a healthy workplace

Project Management Essentials
A disciplined approach to plan and execute projects

Change Management
Vision, buy-in and implementation for changes in behaviors and attitudes

Culture Change Process
Building trust and communicating every step along the way

Interviewing/Performance Reviews
Hire the best candidate; provide actionable feedback to subordinates

Conflict Resolution
Techniques to address and manage workplace conflicts while building trust and commitment

Workplace Violence
Managing anger, recognizing signs and preventing violence in the workplace

Finance for Non-Financial Managers
Learn about budgeting, basic accounting and forecasting

Enhanced Business/Technical Writing
Writing for results whether memos, letters, reviews, reports or proposals

Communication Skills
Active listening and powerful presentation tools say it with impact and with positive results

Math Skill Development
Increase level of math proficiency

Effective Presentations
Get over jitters with confidence

Design/Innovative Thinking
Challenges learners to team up and tackle real-world change initiative

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Six Sigma/Lean/Quality Training

Keeping your business processes lean, boosting customer satisfaction and ensuring the right results are achieved for you and your organization will result in significant cost savings.

Six Sigma Breakthrough Methods
Implement impeccable quality products and/or services with proven bottom line results by identifying and minimizing variability in workplace processes

Team Orientation Problem Solving (TOPS)
Building effective teams and fostering a problem-solving culture to identify, correct and eliminate recurring problems in a systematic way

Theory of Constraints (TOC)
Discover time traps and how to clear the bottlenecks

Process Innovation
Beyond continuous improvement – A blend of Lean, Six Sigma, TOC and Tops

Value-Stream Mapping
Finding time traps, complexities and impediments to process flow

Lean Manufacturing
Implement the Lean approach to eliminate waste and to streamline both processes and systems

Lean Thinking
Applied to the office, healthcare or transactional environment

Achieving Velocity Using Lean Methods
In manufacturing and service environments

Workplace Organization through the Use of the Five S's and Visual Management
Reduce searching, bending, stooping and reaching. Provide what is needed, where it is needed, when needed.

How to Think About Data
Use performance metrics to improve Return on Invested Capitol (ROIC) and shareholder value. Respond to statistical signals; avoid reacting to noise and thus creating additional variation.

Quality Systems Documentation
Properly document only what you need; less is more

Identify, correct and eliminate recurring problems

Root Cause Analysis
Identify, correct and eliminate recurring problems

Failure Modes Effects Analysis (FMEA)
Determining what might go wrong, how often, and ease of detection, then, applying interventions to eliminate the risk

Planning Manufacturing Processes
Proper planning techniques for streamlining

Basic & Advanced Statistical Processes (SPC)
Monitoring and controlling processes through the use of statistical methods for minimizing or eliminating waste- Predicting what is likely to happen based on what has happened

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ISO Standards Training

Companies that optimize their quality, safety, environmental, information security and other management systems differentiate themselves in the global race for customers and capitol.

ISO 9001:2008 Overview
Establish and update quality management systems (QMS); learn best practices of other product and service organizations

ISO 9001:2008 Implementation
Step-by-step process implementing ISO 9001:2008

ISO 9001:2008 Process Audit Training
Learn the ISO 9001:2008 "Process Approach"

ISO 14001 Implementation
Tools to save money and be environmentally friendly

ISO 14001 Audit Training
Audit your effects on the environment and cost cutting

TS 16949 Implementation
ISO 9001:2008 with "teeth" for automotive

TS 16949 Auditing
Audit practices taught for the automotive standard

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Technical & Industrial Training

These "hands-on" courses provide employees with basic, intermediate and advanced skills.

Blueprint Reading
Learn how to locate and interpret dimensions on engineered drawings using an organization's own blueprints

Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerance (GD&T)
Understand engineering drawings based on ASME Y14.5M Standard and accurately describe the size, form. Orientation and location of part features

Precision Measuring Instruments
Proper use and care of precision instruments

CNC Programming
Content covers basic machine operation and programming taught specific to your needs

CNC Maintenance
Detailed training of predictive, preventative and ongoing CNC maintenance

Process Controls
Learn control theory, statistics and application

Basic & Advanced Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCS)
Core knowledge and troubleshooting

Mechanical Drives
Learn basic, advanced and troubleshooting

Machine Controls 1 & 2
Optimize your best performers through this training

Variable Frequency Drives
Learn the method/principles of controlling the speed of A/C

Basic and advanced training on concepts, components and use

Basic and advanced training on concepts and use

Boiler Operator Training
Learn the "how and why" of efficient operation

Basic & Advanced Electricity
Explained thoroughly without complex math

Basic & Advanced Safety
Basic and advanced training on concepts and use

HVAC Basic & Advanced
Troubleshoot, maintain and repair HVAC equipment

Basic & Advanced Welding
Learn the best techniques for quality welding (Sick, MIG,TIG and Flux Cored)

Weld Quality
Learn to use visual and other quality test resources

Basic & Advanced Machining
Machining methods taught to highest standards

Forklift Training
Learn how to operate a forklift including OSHA regulations and safety

Safety in the Workplace
Basic safety for industrial employees

Proper Cutting Tool Use
Best practice uses of cutting tools and techniques

Work Holding/Handling
Safety and quality of handling a product

Design and run measurement calibrations

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Job-Specific and Custom Assessment Tools

Assessment Services provide organizations with the solid information needed to make better hiring, placement and promotion decisions. Employers get results; lower absences, lower turnover and recruitment costs. They achieve productivity and customer satisfaction.

Determine your employee's trainability and problem solving skills

Gain insight into potential future success on the job

Work Styles
DISC, Meyers-Briggs, 360s, Killman Conflict

Evaluation tool to identify strengths and weaknesses in a specific knowledge area or skill; manufacturing, customer service, information technology, etc

Job Profiling
Evaluate job based on tasks, work context, behaviors and competencies

Pre-Hire Selection
Assess personality/behavioral knowledge, skills and abilities of candidates

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