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In 2015, The Lakeland Foundation launched a $10 million campaign called Futures Rising for scholarships and programs to support Lakeland student success and future economic growth.

Over the past five years, 1,342 individual, corporate and foundation donors contributed $10.7 million to Futures Rising, surpassing its goal. Approximately $4 million was raised for innovative programs to support student success and enhance the campus experience. Programs include diversity initiatives, arts and cultural experiences, leadership opportunities and other co-curricular activities.

Here are just a few representative areas of impact from our overall campaign efforts:

  • Studies show that the more actively engaged students are - with college faculty and staff, with other students, with the subject matter they are studying - the more likely they are to persist in their college studies and to achieve at higher levels. Learning experiences such as the Lakeland Honors Program provide opportunities for students to engage with other classmates and cultivate valuable soft skills. Designed to foster leadership development, the honors program offers opportunities for service, travel and social activities while providing a challenging and high-quality academic experience.
  • Futures Rising also raised more than $2.5 million to provide scholarships for students who need help paying tuition to finish college and expand their access to higher-paying, skilled jobs. While Lakeland's tuition is one of the lowest in the state, more than half of our students receive some form of financial assistance that makes the difference in allowing them to stay enrolled. Scholarships are awarded to students like Kristina Shapiro, a mother of three who worked part-time while studying at Lakeland to become a nurse. "The scholarship helped me to afford the last year of nursing school," said Shapiro, who earned her associate of applied science degree this spring.
  • During the coronavirus pandemic, when many students suddenly faced unemployment, The Lakeland Foundation focused our efforts on raising funds for emergency needs and the Lakeland Cares Cupboard food pantry. The Foundation's Immediate Needs Grant is available to students who encounter an unexpected financial hardship that is preventing them from completing the semester. Both programs provide support for our students' most basic needs, including food, transportation and child care.

On behalf of our entire Lakeland community, we extend our sincerest gratitude to our donors and friends for making this campaign such an outstanding success.

We hope you'll take a few minutes to watch our campaign summary video to hear how much your support has meant to our students.

While our campaign has reached its conclusion, your ongoing support is essential to keep Futures Rising for our Lakeland students. Please consider making a gift now by clicking here, or visit our Ways You Can Give page to learn more about a variety of ways in which can continue to support student success at Lakeland.

Read Lakeland's full press release on the success of Futures Rising here – Donors support Lakeland students to keep workforce strong (May 10, 2021)

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