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Policy Number: 3354:2-10-12
Title: Guidelines for Naming Rights
Date Approved by the Board of Trustees: 1/15/98
Updated & Approved:
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  1. The following guidelines are intended to provide information to members of the college community and other interested parties regarding the naming of buildings and facilities, academic positions, academic programs or departments, endowments, other significant aspects of the college and variations of these aspects at the college.
    1. College buildings and facilities, academic positions, academic programs or departments, endowments and other significant aspects of college may bear the names of distinguished persons and organizations whose outstanding civic, intellectual, or artistic contributions are consistent with the nature and mission of the college, the community or the nation. Buildings and facilities shall include, but not be limited to: grounds, property, buildings, rooms, monuments, foliage, and other physical improvements to the college campus. Academic positions include division or department chairs, professorships or lecture positions; academic programs include programs of study, departments and other college organizational entities such as the library; endowments for specific activities.
    2. Individuals and organizations which may be recommended for such an honor include, but are not limited to, the following:
      1. Deceased members of the campus community, including graduates, former students, trustees, faculty, staff or others who have rendered distinctive service to the college.
      2. Donors, or those named by donors, in recognition of significant contributions to the community-at-large which exemplify the highest ideals of the college.
    3. A contribution or contributions must be large enough to merit this level of recognition. The following percentages are given as approximations of the level of private gift:
      1. The donor must give a minimum of approximately 25% of the building's current value or projected new construction cost;
      2. The donor must give a minimum of approximately 50% of the building's renovation cost;
      3. An endowed chair can be established with a minimum gift of $500,000;
      4. An endowed professorship or lectureship can be established with a minimum gift of $150,000.
    4. Recommendations for the naming of buildings and facilities and academic programs and positions shall be directed to the president of the college. The recommendation should be accompanied by supporting statements. The board shall name college buildings and facilities and significant academic programs and positions. The board also approves the naming of public spaces - rooms or spaces within the college or exterior spaces on campus.
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