The 2017 Woman of Achievement Awards Recipients:

Mary Ann Blakeley, Carola Crnko, Dorianne D'Apice, Janet Dowling, faith Lewis, Judy Moran, Pam Morse, Rose O'Donnell, Gretchen Reed, Lori Stevic-Rust, June Webb.

To celebrate women's history month, the Woman of Achievement awards have been presented in March, every year since 1993. The award recognizes women whose lives personify a spirit of generosity, dedication and caring within the context of a specific theme. Rather than present the recipient with a plaque or certificate, we commission a local female artist to create a representative and unique piece of artwork. The artwork is presented to each woman at a public ceremony.

The important contributions each recipient has made demonstrate a commitment to their work, their community and the well-being of their fellow citizens. We honor them, and extend our special thanks for their efforts within our community.

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