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Mission Statement

The Macro-Social Sciences department consists of the disciplines in the social sciences which focus on the broader historical, economic, and political institutions, processes and trends within society. The mission of this department is to provide students with a basic understanding of the human behavior from a historical, economic, and political science perspective, and prepare students to contribute to society as effective and responsible citizens of their regional, national, and global communities. The Macro-Social Sciences department provides general education courses for students pursuing an associate degree or transferring to four-year colleges or universities.


Economics courses give students a basic understanding of how people allocate scarce resources given unlimited wants.

Courses include: Basic Economics, Principles of Microeconomics, Principles of Macroeconomics and special topics courses. Topics courses include international economics and money and banking. Students may also work on independent study courses related to economics.


Courses such as Western Civilization and American History are offered as part of the social science requirements for undergraduate degrees. Furthermore, an analysis and investigation of special historical problems, issues or periods that defy proper treatment within the time limits and parameters of a general survey course are also offered.

Political Science

Political science is an academic discipline within the social sciences which examines the theory and practice of politics and provides analysis of political systems and political behavior. Political scientists stress the use of scientific methods to examine the political institutions, motivations and processes involved in governing and the making of public policy.

Courses include: Women and Politics, Modern Political Ideologies, U.S. National Government, State and Local Government, Introduction to International Relations and Introduction to Comparative Politics.

International Studies

Lakeland Community College offers an international studies certificate that provides students with a broad base of understanding of the many influences that affect the modern world and global economies. Subject areas include history, politics, geography, economics, religion and languages. Courses can transfer to other colleges as general education credits. Certain courses further transfer into Cleveland State University's international relations major. Students should consult with the Lakeland Counseling Center before registering for classes.


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