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HIVE will naturally change over time, shaped by the needs of the Lakeland community. The blueprint, then, is just the beginning. The real beauty will come from the evolution of these ideas over time as students, staff, faculty, and the community make them their own.

The HIVE Mindset

HIVE is a place for making, but it's much more than a makerspace. Students and community members will learn to use new tools and work with their hands, but, at its best, hands-on learning is not about materials or equipment. The heart of HIVE is a new mindset - an attitude toward problem-solving that is open-minded, collaborative, action-oriented and optimistic. The purpose of this mindset is to support the development of 21st century skills such as critical thinking, communication, creativity and collaboration.

  1. Keep an open mind - this is a judge-free zone.
  2. Team up - two minds (or more) are better than one.
  3. Embrace mistakes - when in doubt, just try it.
  4. Believe it's possible - stay optimistic about what could be.
  5. Make it yours - take ownership and find your own way.
What is Design Thinking?

Design thinking is a process and mindset for creative problem-solving that starts with understanding and identifying human needs. Design thinking allows anyone to use creative tools to address a vast range of challenges and create change.

With design thinking, students learn to:

  • Reframe problems
  • Quickly test ideas with minimal resources
  • Work collaboratively
  • Problem solve with a repeatable process and set of tools
Our Space

HIVE offers a variety of spaces for use by the Lakeland community and public. Stop by HIVE or contact us to learn more about how you can utilize these spaces for your needs.

Check out the video below for a guided tour of HIVE.

Pop Up Shop
  • Visiting entrepreneurs, local businesses or students can ‘makeover' the pop up shop to test business ideas in a real-world setting.
  • Café seating provides a comfortable space to relax and eat, while high-top tables provide a walk-up area for individuals and teams to work. A living wall and plants make an immediate connection to the health and wellness programs in the building and the rooftop greenhouse.
  • Faculty can schedule the classrooms for lessons that are collaborative or require tools and equipment that can be wheeled over from the shop.
  • Can be transformed into a public space for HIVE events, as well as lectures and discussions.
Dance Floor
  • Transitional workspace between the open seating of the auditorium and the equipment in the shop.
Lab and Shop
  • Houses heavier tools, materials and equipment that students, community members, and entrepreneurs can use and work on bigger and more intensive projects with some help if needed.
HIVE for Beginners

Not sure where to start? Here are a few things you can make here!

Chess Set!

3D printed chess set with laser engraved chess board

  •  Download chess set files from Thingiverse or make your own chess piece models with TinkerCAD.
  • Schedule an appointment to 3D print your chess pieces.
  • Make your chess board with a laser cutter in just a few minutes.
Custom T-shirts and Apparel!
Engrave a Glass, so fancy!
  •  Buy a uniformly-shaped glass or two (anticipate mistakes!) at your local dollar store.
  •  Schedule a training to learn how to use a laser.
  • Watch it go! Most glasses can be engraved in less than five minutes.
Jigsaw Puzzles! (returning in Fall 2021)

Laser cut jigsaw puzzle with UV printed image of kitten

  • Save your artwork or image on a USB or cloud-based drive.
  •  Reserve time on the laser to cut your puzzle pieces (link here).
  • Print your puzzle image onto the puzzle.

Wooden keychain with laser engraved HIVE logo

Buttons, buttons, buttons!

Three buttons made in HIVE

  •  Make a custom pin-back button from a printed image or drawing.
  •  Get in touch to let us know when you'd like to use the button maker.
  •  Master the art of button making in 10 minutes or less. Bam. Done.  



Ianny Martinez I came to Lakeland not knowing anything. I wanted to help people and I knew that I had to go to school to learn about health care. I am so happy that I did this. Lakeland changed my life. Ianny Martinez Medical Assisting

Elizabeth Brassell Lakeland opened the doors of opportunity for me to begin my future. Through Phi Theta Kappa I found my passion for leadership and service. Lakeland has molded me to embrace an unlimited future. Elizabeth Brassell Associate of Arts

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