Our graphic design program provides beginning students with the environment, knowledge and skills to succeed in the various areas of the graphics industry. We also specialize in enhancing the skill levels of working professionals who want to advance in their chosen area of the field, whether in design, advertising or production.

A graphic designer is a visual problem solver. In order to solve these problems, a designer must be skilled in the use of typography, color, layout, packaging, illustration, photography, production, computer software, marketing, advertising, and presentation.

Graduates of this program will have the skills to enter the graphic design field at entry-level, or to transfer to institutions offering a baccalaureate degree. Regardless of their immediate goal, students will be encouraged to develop all conceptual and technical abilities most applicable to the field of graphic design.

There are many career opportunities available to graphic designers right out of school. The potential for growth in the field increases with experience as graphic designers can work to become art directors, creative directors or even account managers working on the client side of the field. Various working environments include design studios, advertising agencies, corporate in-house design departments, publishing houses, print shops, and multi-media companies.

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