Curriculum & Transfer

Beginning the Program

Introduction to Paralegal Studies, PARL 1100, is a three credit course offered each academic semester, including summer. All students are eligible to enroll in this beginning course.

Transfer Policy

All requests for transfer credit of legal specialty courses are approved by the Program Director. Courses must be equivalent to courses taught at Lakeland, students must have earned at least a grade of "C," and the courses must have been completed at an institution with a paralegal program approved by the American Bar Association.

Students in the Degree program must earn at least 20 of the 30 required semester credits of legal specialty courses at Lakeland.

Students in the Certificate program must earn at least 11 of the 24 required semester credits of legal specialty courses at Lakeland.

Transfer credit policies are available on the Lakeland website in the Academic Catalog. Transfer credit for legal specialty courses taken in asynchronous online format is only available for the equivalent of Introduction to Paralegal Studies (PARL 1100), Employment Law and the Administrative Process (PARL 2200), and Legal Issues in Cyberspace (PARL 2350).

Online Learning

Some (but not all) of the paralegal courses are offered in an online format. The American Bar Association requires that students complete a minimum of 9 semester credits of synchronous instruction. The program is structured so that all students will meet this American Bar Association requirement.

Staging Enabled