Cooking School

Welcome to Lakeland Community College's culinary arts program. In 2011 Lakeland joined forces with the International Culinary Arts & Sciences Institute (ICASI) to offer an Associate of Technical Studies degree paired with hands-on training in professional culinary arts.

The Associate of Technical Studies degree in culinary arts program couples 35-37 general education semester hours at Lakeland with 70 credits at ICASI.

Ideal for many types of students with one common denominator, a passion for pleasing the palate:

  • Chefs who have already completed the culinary arts Advanced Technical Diploma program at ICASI who are looking to continue their education and earn a degree
  • High school graduates / new Lakeland students
  • Current Lakeland students who have yet to declare a major
  • Professionals who are looking for a career change

ICASIThe International Culinary Arts & Sciences Institute is the professional culinary campus of the renowned Loretta Paganini School of Cooking. Located in Chesterland, Ohio, ICASI offers education in culinary and pastry techniques founded upon European and international tradition. Visit for more information on ICASI.

Why should I get a college degree... I just want to cook?

Many chefs with culinary arts diplomas are finding it more beneficial to have technical degrees. The exceptional culinary arts training program at ICASI will introduce you to the knowledge, skills, and techniques that you need to become a professional chef. Add to that your talent and ambition, and you are off to a great start in an industry with many opportunities. Getting an associate degree can add to your employability, opening doors to some of the better hotels and restaurants, and larger companies. A degree can also give you the added knowledge to grow into management positions or lead to entrepreneurship opportunities. Graduates of the culinary arts technology program can expect to find job opportunities including executive chef, sous chef, head cook, kitchen manager, and food and beverage managers, to name a few.

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