American College Education (ACE Credit)

Military required training courses may equate to college credit. If you have completed courses through an accredited college, those may be eligible for college credit at Lakeland. Schedule an appointment with the Veterans Program Coordinator before you schedule your first class!

Military Police & ACE Credit

Any branch of the military will receive credit-for-experience for the technical elective CRMJ 2214/Patrol Operations (3 credits). Also, any veteran with 100 hours of active service or more will receive two (2) physical education (PEHR) credits. These two credits are applicable toward the A.A.S.-CRMJ degree program and, with successful completion of PEHR 1650/Health Fitness, will complete three (3) hours of technical elective credit. See Veterans Program Coordinator for detailed assistance with military-based ACE credit.

Alternatively, you may prefer to investigate the credit granted by the American Council on Education for military service. All branches of service are defined. But, remember that the college has the authority to accept or decline any and all transfer credit.

For additional information visit the criminal justice departmental office.

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