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The Controller's Office is made up of the Accounts Payable Department, the Accounts Receivable Department, the Payroll Department and the Cashiers Office.

Accounts Payable Department

The Accounts Payable Department is responsible for all college vendor and employee reimbursable disbursements.

Accounts Receivable Department

The Accounts Receivable Department is responsible for all billings and collections to students, and to government agencies, and companies. Student financial aid and other refunds are issued once a week after a final audit of student accounts has been completed. Refunds are recommended via electronic bank transfer as a safer and more timely way to receive your funds.

Payroll Department

The Payroll Department is responsible for issuing payment to both hourly and salary employees.  Payment is through direct deposit twice a month.   

Cashier's Office

The Cashier's Office takes tuition payments and can answer any student account questions. 


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