Policy Number: 3354:2-20-52
Title: Vacation Leave
Date Approved by the Board of Trustees: 12/7/00
Updated & Approved: 03/06/2003
Related Procedure HR20-52


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  1. Definition
    1. The college regards vacation hours, payable to an employee at his/her regular or base hourly wage (including shift differential where applicable), as earned hours of rest and relaxation which may also be drawn upon to continue an employee's compensation during periods of illness after exhaustion of sick leave hours.
  2. Rate of Accrual
    1. All full-time continuing and temporary and partial-year administrators, supervisory/professionals and staff will earn vacation time from the first day of employment.
      1. Staff
        1. The rates of accrual for each hour of work and each year are as follows:

          Employment Year Hrly. Accrual Rate Annual Accrual

          Start through completion of five years .0462/hr. worked* 12 days
          During sixth year .0654/hr. worked* 17 days
          During seventh year .0692/hr. worked* 18 days
          During ninth year .0769/hr. worked* 20 days
          During tenth year .0808/hr. worked* 21 days
          After completion of tenth year .0846/hr. worked* 22 days

          * Based on 2,080 paid hours.
        2. Part-time continuing, part-time temporary (in positions of greater than six months and 520 hours of continuous employment) and partial-year staff will accrue vacation time at the rate of .0462 hours per hour worked throughout their employment with the college.
      2. Administrators and Supervisory/Professionals
        1. Within the first pay period of each fiscal year, full-time administrators and supervisory/professionals are given a once only allocation of 184 hours (23 days) of vacation; equivalent to earning an average of seven hours of vacation for the hours worked in each of the pay periods of the fiscal year.
        2. Partial-year and part-time administrators and supervisory/ professionals will be given a pro-rated once-yearly allocation of 184 hours based on FTE.
        3. Newly-hired administrators and supervisory/ professionals starting after the first day of the fiscal year will receive a pro-rated vacation allocation based on the anticipation of seven hours per pay period for the balance of the fiscal year.
  3. Accrual Limits
    1. Staff
      1. In no case can vacation time be accumulated at more than sixteen hours greater than the accrual rate without written approval of the supervisor and the Director of Human Resources and the Vice President and/or President.
        1. Employees who do accrue hours in excess of sixteen hours beyond the annual rate will automatically forfeit the additional hours unless approved pursuant to paragraph (C)(1)(a) above.
    2. Administrators and Supervisory/Professionals
      1. The maximum number of vacation hours which may be carried forward to a subsequent fiscal year is an amount equal to two times the annual vacation allocation
  4. Conditions for Use of Vacation Time
    1. Staff
      1. Only that vacation which has been earned and accrued to date may be accessed.
      2. Any absence due to vacation must be approved in advance by the supervisor of record.
      3. Upon termination of employment staff employees will be paid at their then current hourly rate for accrued, unused vacation time.
    2. Administrators and Supervisory/Professionals
      1. Administrators may access earned, accrued vacation and that portion of the current year's allocation which remains to be earned, the latter of which is subject to repayment in the event the administrator resigns prior to completion of the fiscal year.
      2. Any absence due to vacation must be approved in advance by the supervisor of record.
      3. Upon termination of employment, administrators and supervisory/professionals will be paid, at their current hourly rate, for accrued, unused vacation hours.
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