Policy Number: 3354:2-08-01
Title: Emergency Class Cancellations and College Closings
Date Approved by the Board of Trustees: 1/11/96
Updated & Approved:
Related Procedure CP80-01



  1. Introduction
    ‚ÄčIt shall be the policy of the college to maintain regularly scheduled activities and operations whenever possible. However, situations which threaten the safety of students and college employees such as severe weather conditions, utility failures, bomb threats, civil disorders and other emergencies may require that a timely decision be made to close the college.
  2. Decision process*
    1. Information regarding current or potential threats to the safety of students and employees shall be reported immediately to the President by the Chief of Police who shall consult with the Director for Facilities Management as appropriate.
    2. The decision to close the college shall be made by the President. The decision shall be based upon information regarding conditions on campus, current weather reports, road conditions, closures by local school districts and employers, and the availability of current services.

*In the absence of the college official indicated, the official acting in his/her absence shall execute the responsibilities indicated.

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