ArcelorMittal, the largest steel company in the world, created the Steelworker for the Future program in partnership with educational institutions in order to meet the demand for technically skilled employees. Lakeland Community College offers two Steelworker for the Future programs:

  • Associate of Applied Science degree in computer integrated manufacturing with a maintenance and repair concentration.
  • Associate of Applied Science degree in electronic engineering technology with an industrial engineering concentration.

The Steelworker for the Future partnership empowers you in two ways: It provides up to two summer internships that will help to pay for your degree, and this experience makes you employable upon graduation by providing you with real-world work experience.

Lakeland's Program

Both degreed programs require four semesters of classroom training at Lakeland Community College. There is also the opportunity for up to 16 weeks of on-site training at ArcelorMittal. During the on-site portion of the program, students apply what they learn in class and earn credit toward their degree. Students also encounter mentoring opportunities - not to mention earning enough wages to help pay for tuition.

Program Requirements

To be considered for admission into the program, students must:

  • Have a high school diploma (or equivalent).
  • Apply for admission and be accepted.
  • Pass a drug screening test for the internship.

Once admitted, students must enroll in either the electronic engineering technology department's industrial electronics program or enroll in the computer integrated manufacturing department's maintenance and repair program.


As a graduate of the Steelworker for the Future partnership, you'll receive an Associate of Applied Science degree in either Industrial Electronics or Maintenance and Repair. Best of all, you'll have the tools you need to shape your own future. In fact, you could start at ArcelorMittal earning nearly $20 per hour with attractive vacation time, medical benefits, a 401(k) plan and profit sharing. By the third year of employment, you could join the average
graduate earning $90,000 annually.


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