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Posted April 6, 2020

Student safety and well-being is one of Lakeland Community College's highest priorities, and this includes our commitment to the security and privacy of all information entrusted to us. I want to inform you that we are concluding the initial inquiry into the ransomware attack that occurred in January. You'll recall that this attack began encrypting data files stored on some of the college's drives. Though we restored this information, our investigation determined that some files impacted contained the personal information of a portion of our community.

The personal information involved varies per individual but may include full names and Social Security numbers and/or financial information of some current and former employees, students and Lakeland Foundation donors. It is important to note that we have no evidence to suggest that any of the information has been misused. Additionally, this does not impact everyone in the Lakeland community, though we appreciate this is of little solace to those who are impacted.

Each impacted individual will receive a notification letter, unique to him or her, within 3-5 days informing them what specific personal information was involved. Impacted individuals will be offered a membership with an identity theft solution. The letter also provides other precautionary measures individuals can take to protect their personal information, including placing a fraud alert and/or security freeze on their credit files, and/or obtaining a free credit report. Additionally, everyone should remain vigilant in reviewing their account statements for fraudulent or irregular activity on a regular basis. 

If you do not receive a letter, you are not impacted by this incident.

Impacted individuals with questions regarding this incident may call a dedicated and confidential toll-free response line at 888-921-0531 beginning April 6. This response line is staffed with professionals familiar with this incident and knowledgeable on what individuals can do to protect against misuse of their information. The response line is available Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Eastern Time.

Finally, we also understand that the timing of this announcement is not ideal. During this pandemic, all of us have a greater duty to stay safe, protect our loved ones, and practice social distancing. We wish to offer our sincere apology for any inconvenience this may cause.

Thank you.

Morris Beverage
Lakeland Community College


Posted Jan. 30, 2020

Protecting the security and privacy of personal information is of the utmost importance to us. The college was recently the victim of a ransomware attack which encrypted some of our files.

The investigation we initiated is being led by our own technology team along with professionals who regularly analyze these types of incidents. The initial threat has been contained and the encrypted files have been restored from backup copies. We are pleased to report that the incident only impacted a portion of our network, and that our critical resources (e.g. myLakeland, Student Email, Blackboard, website) are not impacted. Classes are unaffected and students have full access to their accounts.

We have also been working closely with an independent computer forensic firm to analyze our systems to determine if any personal information is at risk. That investigation is ongoing, and we expect it will take weeks not days to understand the facts.

While this is happening, it is always wise to closely monitor your bank and card statements and report anything out of the ordinary to your financial institution or card brand. We have created a resource page that includes a great deal of advice and best practices.

We are taking this matter seriously and will be providing updates via email and this cyber incidents page as more information becomes available. We appreciate your patience as we continue to assess this situation.

Any member of the public may submit questions via this dedicated cyber incident questions page.

Lakeland employees and students with questions should contact the Help Desk to log their question at 440.525.7570 or

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