The key to becoming a successful college student is learning how to study smart. Our College Success Workshops provide the opportunity for you to develop effective learning strategies that can help you be successful in any course.

Lakeland's Student Success initiative provides students with the tools necessary to study smart. Programs include:

A five-day workshop to help jumpstart your transition into college. Students will learn strategies and skills to become college ready. Knowing what to expect in college and how to identify and utilize the support resources you need is a big deal. See the differences between college and high school life related to: personal responsibility, class time, critical thinking skills, and the level of independence that students experience.

The key to becoming a successful college student is developing the skills you need to reach your goals.

College Success Workshops are free and provide an opportunity for students to learn strategies for success in any course. Students may register for as many workshops as they would like. Topics include Note Taking, Study Skills, Time Management, Tips for Test Success, Blackboard Orientation, myLakeland Review, Basic Computer Skills, Basics of Using a Calculator, Habits of Successful College Students, Stress Management, Memory Tips, Compass Prep, and Solutions for Math Anxiety!

In the spirit of collaboration, Student Success partners with many college departments across campus to offer additional "Guest Workshop" opportunities. Workshops range from 30-90 minutes, are free and offered several times throughout the semester. Register for a College Success Workshop.

Lakeland is offering a free, self-paced math refresher class throughout the summer at no cost to you. Bridge Your Math Gap sessions are available three times per week for 90 minutes.

Success Coaching

Success Coaching is one-on-one personalized support for students who want additional help with success strategies, including Time Management, Goal Setting, Organization, Learning Style, Test Taking, Reading Comprehension, Note Taking, Study Skills or Basic computer Skills. Success Coaching is free and by appointment. We will work around your schedule to make it convenient for you. Register Now!