After taking this free, online course, you will be able to make an informed decision about whether manufacturing is a good career area for you, and you will know what your options are in pursuing it as a career pathway. Plus, if you complete all the work in this course, you will be eligible for a "starter" scholarship to pursue manufacturing coursework at Lakeland.

A big reason for this course: Lake County manufacturers are having difficulty finding skilled workers, particularly technicians in the areas of welding, machining, quality control and assembly. This means that for individuals who can obtain these skills through education or training, there are well-paying jobs waiting. And, as you'll learn in this course, these are not the dirty, noisy manufacturing jobs of 25 years ago, but jobs in clean, air-conditioned, well-lit, high-tech work environments.

This course is for high school students or recent high school grads who are looking to establish a career, or for individuals who are looking to re-career. Take a few minutes to hear what manufacturing professionals in Lake County have to say about a career in manufacturing:

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The Exploring Careers in Manufacturing course will cover the following topics:

• Manufacturing work environments in Lake County
• Types of positions and pay ranges; skills required; the different pathways
• Educational and training opportunities
• Assessing your interest and aptitude for a career in manufacturing

Click here to see Course Outline/Syllabus (PDF):

The course may take approximately 10 to 14 hours to complete if taken in sequence. You can take it at your own pace, at your own computer. The course is free. However, in order to access it through Lakeland's BlackBoard site (the portal for online learning) you will need to fill out an application for Lakeland. This is a short, simple process that will allow us to assign you a student ID number which is required to access the course.

As mentioned, if you complete the course (i.e., take it in its entirety and submit the exercises for each module), you will be eligible for a scholarship to help you get started at Lakeland. Before you commit, you may wish to learn more about manufacturing programs at Lakeland. Here is a concise six minute video that will help.

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There is no homework involved in this course, although there will be some "quizzes" and other exercises to demonstrate your participation. Click on the link below to begin the enrollment process. Or, if you need more information, please contact the Men's Center.

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