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Our goal is to support Lakeland's transfer mission to assist students who plan to go on to complete their bachelor's degree at a college or university. We offer quality instruction in the liberal arts disciplines of dance, English composition and literature, fine arts, humanities, foreign languages, music, philosophy, physical education, speech, sign language, and theater.

We support the college's technical training mission by providing quality instruction and practice for careers in graphic design and American Sign Language.

In addition to our academic goals, we also provide talented community members and students many opportunities for expressing their artistic abilities in the fine and performing arts.

Our civic performance program offers community members and students a theater program and music groups through which they can express and advance their talents. The college's four music groups include a civic orchestra, civic band, civic chorus, and civic jazz orchestra. Additionally, we offer talented high school students Jazz Impact, an all-star high school music group. The college's civic theater program offers community members and students the opportunity to perform in or work backstage on several theatrical productions each year.

Counting performers, students and audience, the civic performance program serves over 7,500 members of our community each year.

The Lakeland art gallery, located in Building D, stages on average nine exhibitions a year. These exhibitions support Lakeland's fine arts academic programs and employees, diversity efforts at the college, community arts groups, and local high schools' all-star artists. The gallery serves over 10,000 visitors each year.

Students and community members who are interested in auditioning to join one of the civic music groups should contact the Arts and Sciences Division Office.


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