Action Projects

Action Projects are a means to focus institutions new to AQIP into working on three projects and demonstrate their efforts to quality improvement, compel institutions to develop the superstructure(s) necessary to organize and oversee a quality initiative, drive institutions to engage their faculty and staff in selection of projects and empower employees by using them on project teams, open an avenue for peer interaction, feedback, and review beginning with the first Strategy Forum.

Action Projects provide institutions a finite, concrete place to begin quality improvement efforts and allow the institution time to gather data for its Systems Portfolio, working toward an institutionally-understood summary of current processes and performance.

The Higher Learning Commission asks institutions to always have underway, and share with the Commission, at least three Action Projects. When an AQIP institution completes a project, the institution then begins a new one, using the knowledge and skills gained from its earlier projects to select, shape, and define the scope.

Current Action Projects

Advancing Our Culture of Collaboration for Student Success (PDF)

Persistence and Completion Academy (PDF)

Student Success Leadership Institute (PDF)

Completed Action Projects

Using Data to Analyze Student's Pathways (PDF)

Identify Early Alert Criteria and Intervention Support Systems (PDF)

Create and Revise Processes to Better Connect Online Students with Lakeland's Support Services

Develop and Implement an Evidence-based Culture of Continuous Quality Improvement (PDF)

Improving Student Success by Eliminating Late Registration and Instituting Mandatory Placement (PDF)

Mandatory New Student Orientation (PDF)

Aligning Strategic Planning with AQIP (PDF)
Update - September 2010 (PDF)
Update - September 2009 (PDF)

Develop a Series of Orientation Modules to Help Students Become Successful in Pursuing Their Educational Goals (PDF)
Update - September 2008 (PDF)

Enhance Assessment and Placement of Incoming Students to Foster Learning (PDF)
Update - September 2010 (PDF)
Update - September 2009 (PDF)
Update - September 2008 (PDF)

Enhanced Student Learning Through Improved Use of Technology (PDF)

Improving Student Retention (PDF)

Integrating the University Center of Lakeland Community College (PDF)


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