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To be eligible to apply for admission to Lakeland's Weekend College, students must meet two of the following admission criteria:

Admission Criteria (two of three must be met):

  • 24 years of age or older

  • Three years of post-high school full-time work experience

  • Academic standard of a minimum of eight (8) college semester credit hours, with a cumulative G.P.A. of 2.75 -or- a cumulative high school G.P.A. of 3.0 or higher

Additionally, prospective Weekend College students must:

  • Complete a Lakeland Community College Application Form if they are new to Lakeland. Current Lakeland students will already have the Lakeland Community College Application on file.

  • Complete the Weekend College Admission Form (available from the Weekend College, Counseling or Admissions offices).

    To request a Weekend College Admission Form, please contact the Weekend College Office at 440-525-7510 or

  • Meet with an Academic Counselor

  • Provide a letter of recommendation from either a current employer, or former professor or teacher

  • Attend the Weekend College Orientation

During the meeting with an academic counselor, you will discuss your academic goals, learning style, and past work and/or college experiences and how these relate to Lakeland’s Weekend College. Students with prior college experience, whether at Lakeland or another accredited institution will need a transcript evaluation in order to determine their course of study. To schedule an appointment, call the Counseling Office at 440-525-7200.

Students can be admitted to the program at any point before or during the semester; however, the admission process must be completed a minimum of ten days prior to the session start date.

Once all admission materials have been received, you will receive notification of your admission status.

If you have questions about the application process, the Weekend College Office can help. You can contact them via email or by phone at 440-525-7510.

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Weekend College students are required to attend an Orientation prior to the start of classes.

During Orientation, you will have the opportunity to meet other Weekend College students and discuss strategies that will assist you throughout your studies in Weekend College. You’ll learn ways to help maintain the balance between home, work and school. What additional resources are available to you as a Lakeland student? Orientation will familiarize you with addition resources such as the library and tutoring and how they can help you succeed in school. Most importantly, during Orientation, you’ll have the opportunity to interact with students just like you and start to form the bonds that will remain long after graduation.

Orientations are held during the week prior to the start of the fall and spring semesters.

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Once you have been notified of acceptance into the Weekend College, you are eligible to register for Weekend College courses. The Weekend College Office processes all course registrations. Students have the option to complete their registration for the entire semester at one time or submit course registrations throughout the semester. Registration for classes must be submitted to the Weekend CollegeOffice no later than ten days prior to the start of the current session.

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