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Kathleen Gravens RN
Program Director
Nursing Program

Patricia Cyrgalis

Science and Health Division

Essential Performance Standards


Applicants to the Nursing program at Lakeland Community College must possess sufficient physical, motor, intellectual, emotional, social and communication skills to provide for consistent safe and effective client care. To assure that the student is able to fulfill these qualities, all applicants must meet the following performance standards.

1. Critical Thinking: The student must be able to comprehend verbal and written information as well as to measure, calculate, reason, analyze and synthesize data in order to think critically. Critical thinking is an important component of judgment which is required in the clinical area.

2. Interpersonal Skills: The student must have the ability to communicate sensitively and efficiently both verbally and in writing. This ability is required such that the student can interact effectively with clients, families, and others from a variety of social, emotional, cultural and intellectual backgrounds.

3. Communication: The student must be able to communicate clearly and effectively in English, both in verbal and written forms to communicate nursing actions, interpret client responses, initiate client education, document, and interpret orders. The student must also be able to communicate verbally in an assertive and a sensitive manner with clients, peers, and professionals.

4. Mobility and Maneuverability: The student must be able to move about independently, bend, squat and turn in small work spaces and have no limitations on the ability to perform CPR or to lift at least thirty-five pounds. The student must also have fine motor coordination in order to manipulate equipment and materials.

5. Hearing Capacity: The student must have sufficient hearing such that the student can hear and respond to breath and heart sounds, cries for help, alarms, emergency signals and overhead codes.

6. Visual Capacity: The student must have vision sufficient that it is possible to read thermometers, client charts, flowsheets and monitors, medication records, medication cups and syringes. The student must also be able to observe and assess client health status, skin color and integrity.

7. Tactile Capacity:
The student must have the tactile capacity to perform palpation for administration of intramuscular injections, starting intravenous infusions and venipuncture. The student must also be able to identify changes in client condition by touch and by recognition of changes in skin temperature and moisture.

Reasonable accommodations for persons with documented disabilities will be considered on an individual basis. The student must be able to independently perform in a consistently safe and effective manner.

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