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Department of Mathematics

Front Row: (Left to Right) Irene Yuen, Connie Sheykhany, Paul Zachlin, Bill Armstring, Don Davis
Back Row: (Left to Right) Bill Previts, Carl Stitz, Dave Stumpf

Mathematics Placement Test Information
General Information: Lakeland Community College requires placement testing in mathematics. Students who plan to enroll in a Mathematics course, or register for their 13th cumulative credit, may be required to take the COMPASS Placement Test first.
Suggested Practice Tests and Resources: The following is a list of practice tests approved by the Lakeland Community College Mathematics Department.

  • Oakland Community College has a 60 question practice test with topics that ranges from basic operations with integers to trigonometry.

  • The University of Maryland has a 32 question multiple choice test that offers four different grading options.

  • Glendale Community College categorizes practice test into four subject areas: numerical skills, elementary algebra, intermediate algebra and college algebra.

Mathematics Department Mission
The Mission of the Mathematics Department of Lakeland Community College is to provide quality instruction in mathematics to all students as well as offer mathematics courses that will support other departments and programs in the College. This quality instruction and these courses will:

  • prepare all students with the mathematical skills and concepts required for each student's program of study (technical, transfer and general studies).

  • provide experiences for all students to grow in their knowledge of mathematics from their own starting points. 

  • provide learning and laboratory experiences that build skills and concepts with the appropriate use of technology.

  • promote critical thinking and problems solving.

  • develop mathematical power and the ability to communicate mathematically. 

  • develop students' awareness of careers in mathematics and a vision of themselves using mathematics effectively in their chosen fields.

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Mathematics Department Professors

Bill Armstrong
Professor Armstrong's Webpage

Don Davis-
Professor Davis'  Webpage
Bill Previts
Dr. Previts' Webpage
Connie Sheykhany
Professor Sheykhany's Webpage

Carl Stitz
Dr. Stitz's Webpage
Dave Stumpf
Professor Stumpf's Webpage
Irene Yuen - Department Chairman
Dr. Yuen's Webpage
Paul Zachlin
Dr. Zachlin's Webpage

Department of Mathematics Course Outlines*

MATH 0745 Essentials Skills for Algebra (2 Cr. Hr.)

MATH 0850 Beginning Algebra (3 Cr. Hr.)

MATH 0950 Intermediate Algebra (3 Cr. Hr.)

MATH 1330 Statistics for Health Sciences (3 Cr. Hr.)

MATH 1550 Statistics (4 Cr. Hr.)

MATH 1600 Survey of College Mathematics (3 Cr. Hr.)

MATH 1650 College Algebra (4 Cr. Hr.)

MATH 1700 Trigonometry (3 Cr. Hr.)

MATH 1890 Finite Mathematics (4 Cr. Hr.)

MATH 2350 Applied Calculus I (3 Cr. Hr.)

MATH 2450 Applied Calculus II (3 Cr. Hr.)

MATH 2500 Calculus and Analytical Geometry I (5 Cr. Hr.)

MATH 2600 Calculus and Analytical Geometry II (5 Cr. Hr.)

MATH 2700 Calculus and Analytical Geometry III (4 Cr. Hr.)

MATH 2800 Linear Algebra (4 Cr. Hr.)

Math 2850 Differential Equations (4 Cr. Hr.)

Math 2900 Special Topics in Mathematics (1-3 Cr. Hr.)

* The following courses are taught in other academic departments:
MATH 0890, MATH 1001, MATH 1040, MATH 1050, MATH 1101, MATH 1201, MATH 2130

Department of Mathematics: Faculty Qualifications

Full Time Faculty
To be a full-time member of the Mathematics Department at Lakeland Community College, One Must posses a minimum of a Master's degree in Mathematics earned from an accredited institution. Full-time members of the Lakeland Mathematics Department are a diverse faculty with areas of expertise in mathematics. Teaching experience ranges from more than 20 years of full-time teaching to recent graduates. All department members maintain a strong commitment to excellence in teaching. 

Part-Time Faculty
To be a part-time member of the Mathematics Department at Lakeland Community College, one must posses a minimum of a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics from an accredited institution. To teach courses at the calculus level and above, one should posses a minimum of a Master's degree in Mathematics from an accredited institution.

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